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BLADE GROUT REMOVER F/3360666 M-D 49146 Tile and Grout Brush BLADE GROUT REMOVER F/5573456
MintCraft Grout Remover Blade, Angled, Suitable For Use With: 336.0666 Grout Remover, 1-1/4 x 1-1/2 in, Tempered Alloy Steel, For Mintcraft  Grout Remover M-D Tile and Grout Brush, M-D, 9 in Overall Length, Plastic Block, Black Trim, Yellow Handle, Used to Brush Effectively Scrubs Dirty Grout Lines MintCraft Grout Remover Blade, Suitable For Use With: 960.2616 Grout Remover, Steel, Bright Metal
Mintcraft MJ-T08010  Grout Removers Rubbermaid FG9B5600BLA Commercial Grout Brush ARTU Replacement Blade
MintCraft Grout Remover, Angled, Suitable For Use With: 2223758 Grout Remover, Orange, For Optimum Grout Removal Rubbermaid Grout Brush, Rubbermaid, Plastic Block, Synthetic Fiber Trim, Black Trim, Ergonomic Handle, 8-1/2 in Handle Length, Plastic Handle, For Scrubbing Tile, Grout Lines, Floors, Baseboards, Walls and Countertops ARTU Replacement Blade, Suitable For Use With: 2 DIY Grout Rakes, Carbide Grit, Applicable Materials are Brick, Cast Metals, Ceramic Tile, Cement Backer board, Composites, Fiberglass, Flagstone/Slate, Glass, Hardened Steel, Reinforced Cement, Stranded Cable, Laminates, Marble and PVC, For Do-It-Yourselfers
Mintcraft 17122-3L  Grout Removers M-D 49066 Tile Grout Saw ARTU Grout Rake With (2) Blades
Removes old grout for repairs. Tungsten carbide grit edge cutting blade. Toothed steel blade to remove debris. Bright metal finish is corrosion resistant. Non slip angled handle for ease of use. Blades fit into tight grooves. M-D Tile Grout Saw, Heavy Duty, M-D, Angled Blade, Carbide Blade, Ergonomic Handle, Comfort Grip Handle, For Removing Tile Grout ARTU Grout Rake, Tungsten Carbide Gritted Blade, For Do-It-Yourselfers
M-D 49090 Grout Saw Blade
M-D Grout Saw Blade, Heavy Duty, Diamond, M-D, Suitable For Use With: 49066 Grout Saw, 4-3/4 in Length